H.E. Dr. / Mofid Shehab:  Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Council   (6/1/2008)  

I am deeply honored to have been invited for the sponsorship of "Satellites….Rights & Duties" conference and to attend its opening ceremony on 11/3/2008, I would like to express my deep appreciation for your honorable invitation that I will comply with if available, in order to attend the works of this significant Event that I am honored to approve to be under my auspices, I wish you the very best of wishes for this event to achieve its desired goals.


H.E. / Omar Al-Refai- Ambassador of Jordan in Cairo                                 (5/2/2008)

H.E. Counselor Dr. / Aly Yassien Shehata Abdelwahed- President of the Organizational Committee – former Vice-president at Court of Appeal- ARE., with reference to the message sent to me, in order to participate in the "Satellites Rights & Duties" Conference during the period 11-13/3/2008, where there are work shops and open symposiums held on the margin of the conference, I would like to inform you that HE. Dr. Mrs. / Saima Bohouth chairman of Higher Media Council in Jordon will participate in this conference, With much regards and respect


 H.E. Dr. / Ahmed Gwily:  Secretary General of the Arab Economic Unity Council     (5/7/2007)

I received, with appreciation, your manual concerning the sponsorship of "Satellites…rights & duties" conference, which discusses all legal aspects regarding satellites and regulates its relationships with the state and society. So, I would like to congratulate your efforts for selecting the conference subject and I would be glad to accept the conference sponsorship, With my best wishes of success


H.E. Dr. / Safwat El Nahass: President of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, Grade of Minister.        (25/7/2007)

I received, with much gratitude, your honorable invitation for the sponsorship of (Satellites…rights & duties) conference and I am pleased upon your honorable invitation for the conference sponsorship, participate  with you in concluding a recommendations that support laying down an agreement that regulates satellite channels' performance, as a way of participation in the development of Arab region, With kind regards and much respect


Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim: Dubai Police Chief                (14/11/2007)                

Dubai Police General Command sends its kind regards to the Scientific Group for Legal Studies for its leading role in our Arab Society as it stands against what affects its issues, as well as the embracement of holding (Satellites…. rights & duties) conference, I am honored to upon your honorable invitation to talk about this significant aspect, unify our efforts to face satellite channels' work and the bad programs it broadcasts and its effect on our society. As well as the means of codifying and directing it in the interest of our supreme aims and values, Both Dr. / Dr Mohammed Murad– Head of decision-making support centre & Captain Murwan Nasser Al jasem, will accompany me, Wishing all success for your conference to conclude recommendations that setup satellites' work, With kind regards


Dr. / Tarek Abd Al-Qader Manager of Electronic Site -Information and Communication Sector – Arab League    (27/2/2007)

Mr. / president of the organizational committee of the First Arab Satellite Festival- Information and Communication Sector – Arab League is honored to inform your Excellency that  Mr. Al Bashir Al Hargany- the sector attaché will represent the sector in the Festival, With regards


Mr. / Abdullah Alajmi: General Director of Taiba Satellite Channel      (3/10/2007)

I would like to, by my self and on behalf of your brothers in Taiba Satellite Channel, thank you for your honorable invitation to attend "satellites …rights & duties" conference, praying for Allah to be successful conference to benefit our nation and to guide your steps. We assure you that we are determined to attend the conference on time.


Mr. / Ibrahim Farahat, director of public relations of Al-Manar satellite channel         (27/11/2007)

We have received your honorable invitation to participate in "satellites…rights & duties" conference, we are glad to accept it, and we would like to inform you that    Mr.  Abdullah Kasir, the General Director and Mr. / Ibrahim Farahat, director of public relations of Al-Manar channel, will participate in this conference, We are also preparing a research entitles: Information Flow between Freedom and the Regulating Rules", With kind regards


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