There is no doubt that Satellite channels have became the most effective tool on the audience that most of them used it instead of reading papers, theaters, cinema, TV channels in the  age of satellites, open skies, globalization, and the constant large technological progress.

On one side, it works on spreading direct information, large source of culture, knowledge, entertainment, and enjoying with arts, communication between people allover the world, and live broadcast from allover the world. On the other hand, it works as tool uniting peoples and cultures, spreading the principles of justice and peace among them, as well as welfare, progress and cooperation in all fields.

Furthermore, each channel is investment and an integrated economic unit and it has become large industry that many other industries and activities are related to it.

But, in view of the recent increase of criticism to the performance of satellite channels and its content, voices here and there are raised asking for the closure, punishment, silence, control, and with rapid issuance of decisive legislations, which already, Arab bodies started to take these steps, in this regard.

In fact, we do live randomness era of Arab satellite channels as to license, content, and performance. The positive aspect of satellites has been neglected with the easiness of issuance broadcast license, vacancy of legislation that organizes and regulates its work and performance, and the status que where long history full of giving with all pride and boastfulness for other channels was lost, according to the common saying "sin prevails", so the matter is so serious and experts have the danger bells tolling.

So, there was the need of all concerned parties to gather in order to discuss the issue, and preserve the gains and the real wealth; that’s the respect of its audience, the role, and the supreme message towards society and his individuals whom are the essence of its work and activities. As well as operator of this field to discard intruders who are greedy only for rapid gain and special multipurpose, establish self powers among themselves to prevent whoever distorts their image, and direct violators to the right and sound work rules and performance, in order to retrieve the healthy sound image of this field, keep his supreme position in media system like other apparatus such as press and publication houses…etc, perform his message, achieve his aspired goals, and to preserve it as one of the significant industries and pillar of the national and international economy.

For this end, in this time, the matter necessitate to establish Arab Union for Private Satellite Channels, to be as Regional Arab Body derived from the Council for Arab Economic Unity entitles with juristic personality to practice his activities and has administrative and financial independence within limits determined by Board of Directors, according to the basic system that is:

- To represent the channels in all bodies, defend its rights and broadcasters, caring for their interests, ensure their right in thought, creation, freedom of expression and criticism, and guarantee from closure, stopping of its broadcast, questioning or intercepting of broadcasters because of the content or the performance unless after an investigation from neutral authority and in accordance with verdict similar to press and journalists. Laying down Vocational Media Honor Charter to regulate media performance of satellite channels and the work to activate its work and channels' commitment of it, as well as works on constant contact with all bodies, extend bridges of communication with different authorities to satisfy the user and receiver of the channels and what achieves public interest and media work principles.

- Also to protect Intellectual Property Rights, Neighboring rights and its related rights of satellite channels' work and those who operate with or through it and others and investigate the complaints filed by or against channels through Dispute Settlement Body and Mechanism to implement the awards and decisions issued thereof.

- To create integral, co operational, and coordinating relationship between the channels in atmosphere of active competition, able to face the intellectual invasion that targets our values and our Arab Identity, as well as, to be an effective means of transfer the sound and healthy image of our culture, reality, tolerance of thoughts and believes to the foreign world, and to perform its desired role towards achieving the aspired Arab Unity.

Based on this principle, the Scientific Group for Legal services studies prepared this draft for the basic system of the union-its patent was registered- to preserve its intellectual property according to the provisions of law and by competent official bodies.


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