Goals of Arab Union for Private Satellite Channels hoped to be established

A) To represent the channels in all bodies, defend its rights and broadcasters, caring for their interests, ensure their right in thought, creation, freedom of expression and criticism, and guarantee from closure, stopping of its broadcast, questioning or intercepting of broadcasters because of the content or the performance unless after an investigation from neutral authority and in accordance with verdict similar to press and journalists.

B) Protect Intellectual Property Rights, Neighboring rights and its related rights of satellite channels' work and those who operate with or through it and others.

C) To assume self-powers to monitor the work and performance of satellite channels and the extent it complies with the law and its stipulated rules and directing its violations.

D) Investigating the complaints filed by or against channels.

E) To include Dispute Settlement Body and Mechanism to implement the awards and decisions issued thereof.

F) Unifying the advantages (tax and custom) given to satellite channels in some Arab countries and its effectiveness in other countries, considering the channels performing media message of national interest and significant industry we must encourage and promote.

G) To be based on integral, co operational, and coordinating relationship between the channels in atmosphere of active competition, to be able to face the intellectual invasion that targets our values and our Arab Identity, as well as, to be an effective means of transfer the sound and healthy image of our culture, reality, tolerance of thoughts and believes to the foreign world, and to perform its desired role towards achieving the aspired Arab Unity.

H) To establish Arab Media Watch.

I) To establish Arab Library for Media Heritage.

Form of express a desire to subscribe in establishing Arab union for Arab

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