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Arrangements of the Media Day Owner

  • Drawing up the name and the flag of the body on festival publications.

  • The right of the body owner of the media day to publish its achievements in its own publications, at its own day.

  • Attendance of the body representative in the exhibition inauguration.

The Festival:-

  • Enrollment the name of the body candidate among the preparation committee of worksheets of the Festival.

  • Insertion of the worksheet submitted by the body owner of the media day in the festival worksheets (Inside the Festival bag).

  • Assigning space in the media guide to place body achievements in media field.

  • Specifying one of the festival sessions and workshops to be headed by the body representatives.

  • Handing over the body representative the shield of the body owner of the media day in the festival awards ceremony.

Exhibition Stands:-

  • Assigning a whole stand in the exhibition, held on the festival sideline, to exhibit the creations and productions of this body in media field and what is related to it.

Competition of the favorite:-

  • Insertion the name of the body representative (competent) among the arbitration committee in the favorite contest.

  • Attendance of the body representative the favorite honoring ceremony.

  • The body representative shall be among the figures who hand over the awards to the favorite.

Preparation of the following session:-

  • It will be agreed upon the venue of the festival second session, its date, arrangements and the festival new name.

  • The festival management and the representative of the body owner of the media day will - in the closing ceremony - declare the transferring of the festival torch to held its following session in the venue, date, and new name as had been agreed upon.


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