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  1. Publishing shall depend on the opinion of two specialized arbitrators to determine the validity of the article for publishing.

  2. Researches shall be accepted in both English & Arabic languages, with research summary, not less than one page, in other language than the origin language).

  3. The Research shall not be less than 25 pages and not more than 30 page of 4A size.

  4. The conference scientific committee shall receive three (3) printed copies, provided to write the researcher's name and address on the cover, to refer to margins and references within the text by numbers, and to mention its list at the end of the research pages - not at the bottom of pages - as well as, research CD (preferred to be written on "IBM" with page size "12x 19".

  5. Researches that are approved for publishing shall not be returned back to their authors.

  6. It’s stipulated that researches have not been published in any other place.

  7. To enclose check or money order with research copies in the name of the Scientific Group for Legal services and studies in the amount of  LE 1500 ($300 for foreign transfers) for researches that the number of their pages reached 30 pages-sized magazine and LE 10 ($2.5 for foreign transfers) for any additional page.

  8. Approved researches by the arbitration commission shall be published at the Egyptian magazine for Media researches promulgated by faculty of mass communication - Cairo University in a special edition.







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