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The Scientific Group for Legal services Studies

"Professional Law Corporation"

Combines an elite of former counselors who had the honor to work in the judiciary and public prosecution in Egypt, and put on their shoulders the letter to raise the legal community, believing in their role in raising the banner of justice, converged with them on the same goals an elite of legal professionals with their talents and expertise and with the assistance of a complete team work in various fields to perform its works and purposes, amongst which preparation of conferences and seminars which discuss legal aspects of all fields and subjects that touch and influence the Arab society. 

And believing from the group that It is better to light a candle in the darkness to which others add their candles, than crying on the current status and its causes”, so it has been working on preparing scientific, legal, regulatory and operational files for a number of conferences each of which is concerned with a significant issue that touch the future of this nation, the first of which was – what is concerned with Arab satellite channels - believing in the importance of media role, as it is the effective weapon in peace and war, as well as the significant instrument for any progress.










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