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     Preparation committee

Prof. Dr.\ Laila Abdel Magid

Dean of Faculty of Mass Communication - Cairo University

Member of Supreme Council of Journalism

 Secretary General of the Conference

Prof. Dr.\ Mona Al Hadidi

  Professor at Radio &TV Department - Deputy of Faculty of Mass Communication - Cairo University




Prof. Dr.\ Hassan Mekawy 

Professor at Radio & TV Department - Deputy of Faculty of Mass Communication - Cairo University


Dr.\ Abla Al kahlawy

 Dean of Faculty of Islamic Studies

Islamic preacher

Mr.\ Alaa Nema 

President of Supreme Committee for coordination between Arab satellite channels





Prof.\  Adly Mohamed Reda

Head of Radio and TV department - Faculty of Mass Communication - Cairo University





Prof. Dr. / Osama Abdullah Kayed  

Dean of Faculty of Law, Bany Suef University


Prof. Dr./ Mohsen Al -Saffar

Executive Director of Atlas Travel and Culture


Prof. Dr.\ Ashraf Tawfik

 Head of Criminal Law Department - Deputy of Faculty of law - Banha University


Prof. Dr.\ Hossam Lotfy

Professor of Civil Law - Faculty of Law - Bany Suef University 

Member of International Association for Protection of Intellectual Property - Zurich - Switzerland

Prof. Dr.\ Hesham Mohamed Abbas

Professor of Informational legislations

Dean of Faculty of community development - University of the Nile Valley - Sudan


Prof.\ Mohamed Said Al Ghamdy

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Association of Saudi producers and distributors 

Senior Advisers at IFPI 

Expert specializing in Intellectual Property

Prof.\ Mohammad Baghdadi 

 Technical advisor and editor at Good morning magazine

Prof.\  Ibrahim Al Ahmed

Director of Abu Dhabi channel

Prof. Dr.\ Zainb Zamzam

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamzam Media Co. 

Part-Time Professor at the Higher Institute for Cinema - Cairo

Prof.\ Ibrahim Abou Zekri 

Chairman of Arab Producer's union for TV Production


Prof. Dr.\ Abu Al-Ela Al-Nimr

 Professor of Private International Law - Faculty of Law Ain Shams University

President of Middle East Center for Arbitration




Prof. Dr.\ Ahmed Fawzy

Professor of Public International Law - Faculty of law - Bany Suef University

Prof. Dr.\ Hanan Selim 

Media department supervisor - Faculty of Arts - Asiut University 

 Member of National Council for women

Prof. Dr.\ Gamal Abdel Rahman

Professor of Civil Law - Faculty of law - Bany Suef University

Prof.\ Adel  Hussein

Director of Quality Department - Arabic radio network - UAE

Prof. Dr.\ Adel Abou Hashima

Professor of Private International Law - Director of Conferences Center - Bany Suif University


In addition to number of other senior and key figures working in legislative, legal, media, religious, and cultural Field in Egypt and the Arab World, to cover all aspects of work of satellite channels ... the support and participation is continuous, as we will update constantly on the website regularly.

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