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First Items:

The document aims to regulate broadcast, retransmission, and its reception in the Arab region, guarantee respect of right of expression, spreading culture, and activating cultural dialogue through satellite broadcast.

Second Item:

The following words and phrases shall whenever mentioned herein, be deemed to have the following meaning: -

"Satellite Broadcast" means every broadcast, transmission, encrypted or unencrypted sound, images or both, any other representation thereof  or for signals or any writings do not describe by special corresponding, through satellites the way to be received and interacted by public, classes or certain individual thereof, including the cases wherein audience can select time of transmission and place of reception."Satellite Broadcasting Organization" also called "Broadcasting Organization", means every normal or artificial person or  body assumes or responsible about any Radio-TV satellite research works that fulfills its forming terms according to these principles and its establishing law, implemented by its initiative and responsibility about any satellite broadcast act or what preceded by works for broadcast, this includes all former broadcast works such as : collecting, production, purchasing, storing, scheduling broadcast articles or any other materials protected by regulated legislations of Intellectual Property and its related rights."Broadcast Service" Preparing or providing programs and includes all audiovisual materials according to the definition of broadcast."Program" everything prepared to be broadcasted or transmitted via satellite broadcast systems to be received by public or viewers, involves: all audiovisual materials, result of activity practiced by broadcast organizations that’s; broadcast, transmission, or availability and works preceded it, including varieties, all kinds of artistic programs, materials resulting from collecting, storing broadcast articles, scheduling, or transmitting it in signals prior to broadcast. Every broadcast or any valid material; artistic, scientific or literary variety for broadcast considered as program, also what attached hereby of works, performs, programs, series, entertainment and sports, as well as other materials, images, signals, sounds and writings prepared for broadcast."Satellite Rebroadcast" satellite rebroadcast without changing by broadcasting organization or other stations via satellites."Satellite Rebroadcast Organization" also called rebroadcast organization, means every normal or artificial person or body fulfills the forming terms and performing works according to the Document principles and establishing law as soon it is entrusted with it or take responsibility about broadcast work according to the former definition."Satellite Broadcast, TV-Radio Rebroadcast Permit" permission issued by competent authority in the country licensee applied for to permit him to establish satellite broadcast or rebroadcast station."Licensee" any normal or artificial person permitted by competent authority in Arab State to setup and operates broadcast, rebroadcast, distribution, or selling for these services."license" it is issued by competent authority in any Arab State for normal or artificial person to enable him to export, merchandise, manufacture, collect, or deals in systems and equipments used in broadcast, rebroadcast, and in satellite broadcast reception."Authorized Person" any normal or artificial person authorized to practice activity, export, merchandise, manufacture, collect, or deal with systems and equipments used in broadcast and encrypted and unencrypted reception."Terrestrial Station" is every terrestrial fixed or movable origin setup for transmission and reception through satellite, unlike, follow-up, remote measurement, control and monitoring stations."Wave" frequency spectrum operates for TV-Radio broadcast or rebroadcast. "Channel"  frequency spectrum operates by licensee for Radio-TV satellite broadcast."Frequency in Satellite Broadcast" it is allocations of satellite TV- radio broadcast of frequency spectrum determined according to International Telecommunication Union issues."Encryption" technical systems to control in broadcast service and reception by availability, prohibit, or stopping."Origin State" any Arab League State Member consider origin state, when it fulfills any of the following conditions:1- State issuing the license 2- Existence of administrative headquarter on its territories (Main office of station central administration) or programming (Main office issued therefrom decisions of programming, production or broadcast) for broadcast organizations, rebroadcast, or office of broadcast or rebroadcast organization where majority of its employers work.If the main offices (Administrative or programming) are equals in number, the origin state is the state on which the main administrative headquarter exists 3- State where, installations of uplink signal broadcast to satellites is established on its territories or that use its installations in broadcasting uplink signal to certain satellites.

Third Item:

These Principles apply on Broadcast organizations in Arab league Member States and on whoever practices work, activity, broadcast or rebroadcast activities coming from or directed to Arab States' territories.

It also applies on whoever practices work or activity related to offering services of broadcast or rebroadcast such as: transmission, distribution, or any other service, whenever, the place of work or activity is in Arab State.

Fourth Item:

Broadcast Organizations and providers of satellite broadcast and rebroadcast services shall abide to the following general rules:

1- Publicity and transparency of information and protection of the public to access to sound information.

2- Protection of free competition in broadcast services' field.

3- Safeguard of rights and interests of broadcast services' receivers.

4- Provide integrated service for the public.

5- Not to damage social harmony, national unity, public order or traditional values;

6- To be bound by rules and forms of broadcast and rebroadcast service issued according to principles of this document and what stipulated by Arab Media Honor Charter.

Fifth Items:

Broadcast Organizations, broadcast and rebroadcast services' providers shall abide to carry out the following criteria and general rules regarding broadcasted varieties:

1- The commitment to respect freedom of expression as basic pillar of Arab Media employer provided to practice this freedom with awareness and responsibility which should protect higher interests of Arab States and Arab world, as well as respecting freedoms and rights of others and committing the ethics of media profession.

2- To abide to the respect of national sovereignty principle of every state over its territories, as to provide the right for every member state at Arab League to impose appropriate laws and regulations in more details.

3- The commitment of the sovereignty principle of state of origin- without prejudice to the right of any person or body to resort to complains receiving and dispute settlement systems regulated herein- to consider that this principle provides legal guarantee for broadcast organization and various providers and operators of satellite broadcast services, as well as, in the same time, guarantee for service receivers the existence of arbitration body.

4- To abide to the principle of freedom of broadcast reception and rebroadcast, that’s; the right of Arab citizen, on the extension of member states' territories, to receive whatever he desire from TV broadcast emitting from any Arab League member state's territory.

5- To ensure Arab citizen's right to follow-up major national, territorial, and international events, especially sports that national teams or elements participate therein, through free, unencrypted, signal whoever the right's owner of this events exclusive or non-exclusive.

6- To abide to intellectual property rights in all broadcasts programs according to international laws in this respect.

7- The commitment of assigning area in Arabic language, not less than 20% from a channel total program schedule or cluster of channels affiliated to one authority.

Six Item:

Broadcast Organizations, broadcast and rebroadcast services' providers shall abide to carry out the following criteria and rules related to media work regarding broadcasted varieties:

1- Respect the dignity of person and others rights in all forms and content of programs and offered services.

2- Respect individuals' privacy and refrain from its abuse in any form.

3- Refrain from the incitement on hatred or distinction based on Arabic origin, color, sex or religion.

4- Refrain from broadcasting any form of incitement on violence and terrorism with distinction between it and the right to combat the occupation.

5- Refrain from describing crimes with all its forms and types in a way that tempt others to commit or tends to give hero personality on crime perpetrators or justify its actions.

6- To conform to dialogue style and morals and respect the right of others to reply.

7- To confirm to special needy rights in having proper media and informational services, in order to boost their integration within their societies.

8- To protect children and new generation from whoever harm their physical, mental, and moral growth or any instigation  that spoils manners and misconduct or reference to wrong behaviors in a way that prompt doing it.

9- The commitment to the religious and ethical values of Arab society, take account of its family structure, and refrain from spreading religious and sectarian division.

10- To ban broadcasting whatever offend Divine, heavenly- religions, the Prophets, Sects or symbols of the various religious communities.

11- To avoid broadcasting and programming materials that contains erotic or sexual scenes.

12- Avoid broadcasting materials that encourage smoking or the consumption of alcohol and to show its dangerous effects.

Seventh Items:

Broadcast Organizations, broadcast and rebroadcast services' providers shall abide to apply the standard and regulations that preserve Arab identity in all broadcasted varieties, including SMS and especially what follows:

1- It should protect Arab identity from the harmful effects of globalization and preserving privacy of Arab society.

2- Enrich Arab person's personality and to work on its national integration, intellectual, cultural, and social development and to preserve Arab language.

3- To avoid broadcasting anything contradicts with Arab solidarity, boosting cooperation and integration ties among Arab States, or jeopardizes it.

4- To abide by subjectivity and honesty in respecting the dignity of countries, people, and their sovereignty and not to offend their leaders or symbols through defamation.

5- To display Arab capabilities and talents especially that attain international acknowledgment and appreciation, ensuring the enrichment of creative powers and abilities in the Arab World and to drive young generations to follow successful Arab examples.

6- To abide by using all potentialities provided by technical progress in broadcasting audiovisual programs that ensure the right of Arab nation to diffuse its culture, civilized vision, and attitudes from presented issues.

7- To be credible and precise in all broadcasted data, information, and news and to derive it from the original sources, as well as checking it in all media forms, besides, to correct any incorrect or incomplete information with having the right of response to the individual, country or entity.

Eight item:

Without prejudice of the right in establishing specialized advertisement channels where this item doesn't apply upon it, broadcast and rebroadcast organizations shall abide regarding broadcast or rebroadcast of advertisement materials by the following:

1- To expressly refer about advertising material in its beginning and end and to separate it clearly from the programming material.

2- To abide by the existence of time space between every advertising article during movies, cinema works, and children and news programs.

3- To display "advertisement" word, clearly and constantly, in the advertisement that displays in program form.

4- To conform to International standard for all advertisements' period to the total broadcast period in the day.

Ninth item :

Radio-TV Broadcast Organizations, satellite broadcast services' providers shall abide regarding directing Radio- TV material concerning the content and audience classes to apply the standard, regulations, conditions, and competent forms of license issuance especially what follow:

1- To be bound to timetable laid down by monitoring committee on programs' contents, provided that these time restrictions are placed on programs or varieties broadcasted with content not appropriate for children and to be viewed in times not suitable for children.

2- To, clearly, state before starting of program, the classification and age not allowed viewing it, inappropriate to view, or that should be viewed under family control.

Tenth Item :

Any normal or artificial person shall commit not to practice any broadcast or rebroadcast work or offer his services unless, he has broadcast or rebroadcast license issued by competent authority in member state, as soon as, conditions, regulation, and standard contained herein and conditions placed by states on its territories and on open zones are fulfilled.

Eleventh item :

Broadcast Organizations and broadcast regulating organizations in member states shall abide by the principles and frames contained herein, and to apply and execute it properly.

Twelfth Item :

Member states shall lay down necessary measures in its internal legislations to handle with cases that violate the document principles by addressees of these principles, especially, satellite broadcast and rebroadcast organizations and affiliated broadcast services' providers existed on their territories, even, it was operating through private or free zones subjected to special legislations, the following acts shall consider violation for the principles of this document:

1- Any person practices satellite broadcast or rebroadcast works or offer broadcast service without having license from competent authority according to the principles of this document, with guarantee to include the confiscation of all used equipments and appliances and remove the damage resulting from this infraction and to double the punishment, in case of repetition.

2- Every licensee practices any regulating activity in this document, including broadcast or rebroadcast activity or offer service thereof, whenever it is performed by violating the principles, standards, regulations or conditions contained herein, or it is laid down by system applies its principles.

3- In any case, whenever the state competent authorities observed the member it granted license or informed by any violation for the internal law provisions or provisions contained herein, it have the right to withdraw, not renew, or freeze the work permit which break the regulations.


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