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- Hakim Forum (Medicine students' site- Damascus University), on 13/2/2008.

Bad channels are gone for ever, with the Document regulating satellite channels.

- Islam on Line site on 12/2/2008

Arab Document to reduce freedom space at satellites.

- Link Dot Com site on 14/2/2008

Arab States adopt Document that silence satellite channels and closure is the punishment for defaming the leaders.

- Dr. / Safwat Al Alem professor of Media – Cairo University on 13/2/2008.

The Document targets some satellite programs and channels that view the opinion and the other opinion, as it became nightmare for all Arab governments that did not accustomed to hear the other opinion "Its clearly about Aljazeera and its sisters", he said.

- Tareq Momani Jordanian Journalist- president of Jordon Press Association on 13/2/2008.

Declared his refusal and denunciation for the issuance of the Principles Document by Arab Information Ministers' Council-"The Document is not binding to us in Jordon" he told Aljazeera net, considering that putting rules and restrictions on" Open skies age" is kind of joke.

- Reporters without Borders Organization on 13/2/2008

It criticizes satellite broadcast Document adopted by Arab Information Ministers, yesterday, and described it as "retrograde" and it would limit broadcast freedom in satellite channels.

Mr. Amin Bassiouni- Chairman of Arab Media Permanent Committee on 23/2/2008

Confirmed that, if the Document was as honor charter, it is not politicized at all and not out of political scope, especially that political content provided in Arab satellites dose not exceed 12% and the rest is various media content.

Mrs. Amina El Nakash, Journalist and writer on 23/2/2008

Affirms its support that each media work should have moral note agreed upon and should not restrict media freedom or freedom of expression.

Adnan Omran, Secretary General of Arab Inter-parliamentary Union & former Syrian Minister of Information on 3/3/2008

Arab legalists and lawyers should lay down Document, similar to the Document adopted by Arab Information Ministers, in order to create chance for freedom of Media and freedom of expression, as well as mechanisms to protect and democratically develop the society, he demanded.

Mohamed Fayek, President of Arab Organization for Human Rights & former Egyptian Minister of Information on 3/3/2008

Media laws should be changed in order to ensure broadcasters' free access to information and their efforts to provide it to Arab viewer, the way that contribute in development and prepare launching of democracy, he said.


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