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 Almasry-Alyoum Newspaper on 13/2/2008.-

Arab information Ministers adopt controversial Document about regulating satellite broadcast.

- Al-Sharq Qatar Newspaper on 13/2/2008.

Qatar reserves on adopting the Document waiting to study its technical and legislative aspects….New Arab Document to regulate Arab Radio-TV broadcast.

- Almanara Libyan Website on 13/2/2008.

Arab States adopted Document imposes "regulative rules" on satellite channels to prohibit offending their systems or insult national and religious symbols.

- Al-Quds Newspaper on 12/2/2008

The Document regulating Arab Satellite Broadcast: more of freedom or restrictions?

- Donia – Al Watan Palestine Newspaper on 12/2/2008

 New control Document on freedom of expression of satellites

- Al Rai Kuwait Newspaper on 14/2/2008

Sabah Al-Khalid: The laws regulating Mass Media dose not consider limitation on freedoms or silence for voices.

- Almessa Newspaper on 14/2/2008

Concluding the extraordinary meeting for Arab Information Ministers –adopting Document that regulates satellite broadcasting- Qatar is the only state to oppose – El Fiky: the decision is binding…our responsibility is to protect the society.

 - Okaz Saudi Newspaper on 13/2/2008

Satellite Broadcasting Project confirms the interaction concepts with the age.

- Al-jazirah Saudi Foundation for Press, Printing and Publication on 13/2/2008

Arab Information Ministers adopt document on the principles regulating satellites' work and respecting freedom of expression to protect the higher interests of Arab states, as well as commitment of Media Profession ethics.

- BBC Website on 13/2/2008

Arab Document to control Satellite Media raises controversy about freedom of media.

- Al Riyadh Saudi Newspaper on 14/2/2008

Arab Information Ministers signature of Document on "Principles regulating Satellite and Radio broadcast", during their meeting, considered as signing on new media honor.

- Iraq for All website – Iraqi News Agency on 12/2/2008

Arab Information Ministers planning to wage war on satellite channels.


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