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The year media elite consists of thirty (30) media figures, shall be selected as follows:-

  • The first seven (7) amongst Arab media experts selections.                              

  • The first seven (7) amongst audience selections.

  • Three (3) characters selected by the festival organizational committee.

  • Thirteen character selected by the former seventeenth (17) among satellite channels candidates, upon the festival organizational committee request and through special survey form sent to channels to nominate three (3) of its medialists as to be among the elite, while the priority is given to channels that maintain attendance festival sessions.

The selected media elite will be informed, with suitable time, before the commencement of the festival to attend, be honored in its closing ceremony, and to take part in:-

  • Drafting media vocational work honor charter for Arab satellite channels.

  • Participating in establishing Arab union for satellite channels.

  • Formation of Arab media observatory.

Names and photos of the year media elite will be published in the festival Book, which will be issued after finalizing festival works.

Parties concerned by selection:-

  • Arab media experts

  • Arab audience who are invited to vote through the festival website or through the form prepared to this purpose.

  • The festival organizational committee.




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