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The scientific group for legal services & studies professipnal law corpation -owner of the first conference of arab satellite chancels

Has the bonor to insite all professional and concerned to attend seminar.... satellite and Egyption revolution Role and future outlook on the sidelines off the conference Seminar Discuss

1- The role of satellite channels and media influence in the Egyption Revolution.

2- Professional rules in the coverage of political events.

3- legal guarantess for the channels in terms of .

    a- media freedom and the state's night to restrict freedoms

    b- soncity of head quarters and satellite offices and possibility of taking precautionary measures against it

    c- legal position of the satellite channel reports.

    d- Egyptian legislation and international law to freedom of expression

    e- Egyptian satellite channels official and political influence in the events of Egyptian revolution and it's rot after 25 January.

The group Invites all workers and concerned people in media , legal , academics fields and political opinions to attend the meeting and put forward proposals and work papers and it will be held by the well of god in Arpil this year in cairo

It is worth to mention that we would honore satellite channels which had a significant and prominent role in the events of the Egyptian revolution and we will allocate apanel discussion on the future of Egyption media after revolution for connection and suggestions:



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