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The seminar held amongst the second conference activities for development and investment at Ismailia on 15/5/2008.

Seminar Venue:-

Mercure hotel (Itab formerly) – Ismailia - Egypt.

Seminar title:-

“Implementation mechanisms of the document of satellite broadcast principles … Visualizations and reality”

Seminar subjects:-

  1. Satellites … Rights and obligations in the light of the document of satellite broadcast principles.

  2. The document of satellite work organization principles in the Arab region between activation and implementation mechanisms.

  3. Arab satellites … Media or Investment.


The Scientific Group for Legal services Studies - Cairo


Mr. Minister\ Ismailia governor

Prof. Dr.\ President of Suez Canal University

Prof. Dr.\ Ibrahim Abou Zekri chairman of Arab producer's union for TV production – chairman of the seminar.

Counselor Dr.\ Ali Abdel Wahed chairman of the scientific group for legal studies and services - Chairman of the organizational Committee.

Mr.\ Salah Aldien Maawi general manager of Arab radio union.

Media, literary and artistic prominent personalities.

Satellite channels representatives.


Arab satellite channels.

Number of media, cultural and artistic characters who concerned with the subject of the seminar.


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