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Cairo international book fair on 27/1/2008

Seminar Venue:-

Section15 B - Cairo International Book Fair - Fairgrounds - Nasr City- Cairo.

Seminar title:-

“Arab satellites … and public opinion”

Seminar subject:-

Reviewing the opinion of media and cultural elite and Arab audiences in Arab Satellite Channels' performance, and review the case, hopefully and what can be achieved and means of that.


The Scientific Group for Legal services Studies - Cairo


Prof. Dr.\ Mona Al-Hadidi professor at radio &TV department - faculty of mass communication - Cairo University.

Prof. Dr.\ Abu Al-Ela Al-Nimr professor of law – faculty of law - Ain shams University.   

Mr.\ Mohammad Baghdadi technical advisor and editor at Good Morning magazine.

Prof. Dr.\ Abla alkahlawy professor of shariaa - faculty of Islamic studies for girls – Azhar University.


  • All members of worksheet preparation committee.

  • Many Arab satellite channels: Nile news – Aljazeera - Nile culture - (Egyptian TV) channel 1 - Libyan TV - Al-Manar (Lebanon) - Iraqi Albgdaahdiah channel - Taiba channel (Kuwait) - Al-hekmah - Alnas - Almajd - General program radio - Egyptian Satellite Channel.

  • Many Arab News papers and Magazines: Al Ahram - Al Ahrar - Al Rayah (Qatar) - El Akhbar - Rosa Alyousef - Al Anbaa Al dawlia - General Authority for Book newspaper - Al Watany Al Youm - Saudi News Agency - AlJazeera Net - Al-Sharq (Qatar) - Middle East News Agency (MENA) - Algomhuria - Alshaeb (Algeria) - Islam on Line Site - Akhbar Alaalam - Donyaa Al Sharq (KSA) - Al Masry Al Youm - Al Bayan (UAE) - 24 hours news paper - Alhelm-Alarab - Al-Qabas (Kuwait).

Seminar presented and administered by:-

Chairman of the organizational Committee of the Festival Counselor Dr.\ Ali Abdel Wahed.

One of famous popular program's medialist of Arab satellite channels.

Some photos of the seminar:-

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