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Scheduled to be hold at the Faculty on
Wednesday 16/1/2008

Under the title:-

"Arab Satellites between Freedom and Social Liability"

The Subject:

Satellite channels' right in thought, creation, and freedom of expression as the main pillar for democracy, necessary for countries and nations' progress, the extent of this freedom regarding its social liability toward society in all fields, as well as , how to harmonize between the idea of freedom and liability in Arab satellites' reality.

Prepared by:

The Scientific Group for Legal services Studies - Cairo


Key Media Figures

Representative of famous satellite channel


All work papers Preparation Committee's Members

Arab Satellite Channels

Number of Media, Cultural, Artistic figures interested in the symposium subject, as well as representatives of the channels' audience

The Symposium headed by:

Prof. Dr. / Laila Abdel-Magid - Dean of Faculty of Mass Communication- Cairo University- the Conference General-Secretary

Couns. Dr. / Aly Abdel Wahed, the Scientific Group Board Chairman – President of the Organizational Committee

Anchor of famous public programs in Arab Satellite Channels


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