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The role of civil society organizations is growing in all fields integrated with the role of the state and public institutions in performing social functions. Based on the legal specialization of the Group and the importance of satellite channels and its major impact on individuals and society and absence of regulatory legislations to its works in spite of presenting the document “Principles for organizing satellite broadcast and reception, radio and television in the Arab regionthat Egypt has adopted in the person of its former minister of information / Anas Al fiki … its issuing from exceptional meeting of the council of Arab Information Ministers on 24/1/2010 … the sufficient acceptance of the council to its enforcement.

As a result of the continuous efforts spent by Egyptian ministry of information and the current government to prepare the bill of national authority for regulating audio and visual broadcasts, willingness of many Arab countries to prepare the same bill, and views of many civil entities and formal institutions and entities about the Supreme Council for audio and visual media, informational honor charter, The Scientific Group for legal studies and services has adopted holding “Arab Satellites Festival” since the beginning of 2007, To be an annual event held every year starting from 2008, combines all concerned persons of this field, its supporters and sponsors, to reach to proposals, bills and  informational honor charter that regulate the work and performance of satellite channels, in addition to fair and market to exchange experiences, interests, latest technologies and work manners of satellite channels, selecting the favorite and the best amongst satellite channels and honoring of informational elite to motivate competition and to guarantee the quality of performance and efficiency of work, includes:-   

Legal Conference … Informational … For Arab Satellites

Under the name “Satellites … Rights & Obligations”

Its first round is under the slogan “towards consensus formulation for work and performance of satellite channels”

Includes (public sessions - Workshops open symposiums related to its work)

Fair for technology of tools and equipments of satellite channels

(Includes stands for sponsors and biggest companies specialized in this field)

Market for audio and visual products through Arab satellites

(Meeting of biggest companies for audio and visual media production, productions of honor guest state, owner of informational Day for Arab satellite channels, talented persons, intelligentsia, novelists and scriptwriters with producers, capitals, banks and investors in this field)

Contest favorite / best / media elite for the year (channel – program – medialist) amongst

Establishment of informational observatory - audio and visual - for Arab satellite channels

Establishment of heritage library - audio and visual - for Arab satellite channels

 To be the biggest event in satellite channels world


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