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The first and biggest meeting for Arab Satellites that works on:-

  • To gather the heads and managements of Arab Satellite Channels, representatives of satellites' owners, broadcast sources, bodies granting licenses, Arab media cities, official and unofficial corporations, channels' users, and all concerned parties, to discuss the current performance and work of satellite channels and determining needs of all parties.

Working on advancement of satellites' field - organizationally and technically – through:-

Achieving the balance between right of thought and creation and freedom of expression, social liability of satellite channels, balance between governmental role and civil society role, and interests of satellite channels owners, its workers, and its audiences:-

  • Setting general principles to protect interests of all parties, as well as finding mechanism to protect carrying out these principles.

  • Working on Laying down professional informational honor charter to regulate media performance of satellite channels.

Seeking towards real exchange of information among Arab satellite channels for the benefit of all parties.

  • Establishment of informational observatory audio and visual for Arab satellite channels (combines all Arab satellite channels - corporations - entities - governmental and non governmental foundations -businessmen - and all operators in this field, in a graph record basically  monitors media performance of satellites, and issuing an annual report on the extent of the satellites’ commitment to professional informational honor charter.

  • Inauguration "heritage library - audio and visual - for Arab satellite channels" includes documentary record for all informational, artistic, and literary Arab creations for famous and elite figures that affected and enriched Arab media work with all its branches, as well as all former Arab media events, In order to preserve that wealth and its continued revival and the opportunity for those wishing to use.

Selecting the favorite bouquet (channel - program - medialist) for audience amongst Arab satellite channels, and honoring of media elite for the year.

  • Through voting by audience and viewers of Arab satellite channels to select the best / favorite channel and program and Medialist for them amongst Arab satellite channels by sending SMS messages via mobile phone or direct contact via landline and also includes honoring media elite who the jury see to honor amongst those as a year elite due to their distinct performance.


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