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First: Intellectual property within satellite channels' work.

The infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, Neighboring Rights, and its related rights for satellite channels and among it selves, such as:

a) Decoding or forgery of smart cards of blocked satellite channels (encrypted).

b) Seizing on the broadcast of blocked (encrypted) channels by using special cables.

c) Imitating and copying programs among satellite channels.

d) Broadcasting of programs, varieties, and works without to have permission from the owners.

 E) Piracy and copying works using the latest techniques (such as: downloads- copy on discs and CDs) for media and artistic articles.

Second: the channel's rules, Criteria, and guarantees of tackling public opinion issues.

The extent of the channel's authority and right to discuss public opinion issues and cases, identify shortcomings, expose facts, direct criticism to government and key officials, tackle subjects under investigation or in courts, discuss citizens' complaints, and conducting inquiries around aroused cases- and the subsequent study of the following aspects:

1- To deep root this right, its source, identify its standard and limits, ensure its neutrality from private interests and personal whims.

2- Ensuring the right of response to channel's issues affecting the others.

3- Legal protection of channels and its broadcasters to guarantee their rights in this regard according to certain rules and criteria.

4- Freedom of broadcasters and their independence from channels' policy and to guarantee preventing the interference and abusiveness concerning their work.

Third: (Ownership- Investment- Management) within satellite channels' work.

A) State and individual ownership and its effect on the channel's policy, style, and broadcast content ("separate between ownership, special management, and channel's work style and policy"…the extent of legally achieving it.

B) The call for mass and social investment through general subscription and shares ownership (joint-stock companies) to finance establishing satellite channels.

C) Legal responsibility of the owner, head, and managers of channels when facing others

Four: Legal Aspects of Specialized channels.

A) Religious channels:-

1- Random religious opinions (fataway)

2- Using religion as means to achieve certain objectives (Commercial- intellectual- religious- political).

3- Disdain of religions and defamation of religious sect or certain doctrine.

B) News Channels:-

1- International protection of news reporter.

2- Legal protection of offices and branches of news channels.

3- The relationship with governmental bodies other than the state of origin and the right of access to information.

4- Confidentiality and secrecy of information.

C) Sport channels:-

1- The right of monopolizing audiovisual broadcasting of sport championships, such as "World Cup".

2- The extent of exceeding the right of commenting on matches.

3- Legal liability of sport commentator.

D) Promotional channels:-

The extent of the channel legal responsibility about goods and products it publicizes.

E) Economic Channels:-

1- The channel's legal responsibility about the broadcasting news.

2- The extent of liability about economic, investment, financial, publicity, and marketing views, expectations, and directions, the channels present to the audience.

3- The right of specialized channels to acquire economic news and the extent of it's precedence as a right subject to rules of protection of intellectual property rights.


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