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First: Rules to be followed for legislations governing the work and performance of Arab satellite channels:-

  • Objective assessment for proposed rules, and its activation proposals and implementation mechanisms.

  • Conditions of establishing satellite channels within pre and post-license phases.

  • Juristic personality of satellite channel.

  • Characterization cases of violation of the license conditions and infringement on intellectual property.

  • Governmental control and restrictions on freedom of expression.

  • Legislations regulating satellite broadcasting on the international level.

  • Comparative study for satellite broadcasting laws in Arab and Foreign countries.

Second: Rules and Basis of establishing Arab Union for Private Satellite Channels:-

Third: Forms and Contents of Arab Satellites:-

Fourth: Intellectual Property Rights related to satellite channels:-

  • Decoding and forgery of smartcards

  • Seizing the broadcast of closed (encrypted) channels by using special cables

  • Imitation and copying media programs and articles

  • Broadcasting of media articles without permission from its owners

  • Piracy works on artistic and media articles of satellite channels

Fifth: Specialized Satellite Channels:-

News channels

  • The right to access to information

  • Protection of the confidentiality of sources and information

  • International protection of news reporter

  • Legal protection for offices and branches of news channels

  • Relationship with governmental bodies

Sport channels

Promotional channels

  • Legal liability of the channel

  • Forms of Advertisement

  • Using woman and child in the advertisement

  • Morals of Advertisement

  • Social and political promotional advertisement

  • Advertising campaigns in satellites

Musical channels

  • Forms of music and songs

  • Songs contents

  • Indecent expressions and words

  • Sexual insinuations and obscene photos

Drama Channels

Religious channels

  • Random religious opinions “Fataway”

  • Use of religion for political purposes

  • Religious and sectarian fanaticism

  • Christian religious channels

  • Islamic religious channels

Sixth: Satellite Channels Effect on audiences:-

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