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First: Proposed rules for laws and legislations related to Arab satellite channels in the light of posed and hopefully as a nucleus to an Arab convention in this regard:-

Submitting suggestions, theses, and views of all parties regarding legal rules that should regulate Arab satellite channels work and performance and its implementation mechanisms to achieve equilibrium between ensuring the right of thought, creativity, freedom of expression, and social liability to achieve purposeful informational message, in the light of in force, posed and hopefully to regulate satellite broadcast audio and visual in the Arab region.

Second: Arab Union for Private Satellite Channels:-

Laying down proposals of rules and basis upon which the Arab Union of Satellite Channels will depend, the most important of which are:-

  1. Representation of channels in all authorities and defend their rights and medialists, and care for its interests and their medialists' interest, ensuring the right of thought, creativity and freedom of expression and criticism and a guarantee not to close or stop the channel or its broadcast or questioning its medialists because of its contents or its performance unless after an investigation from neutral authority and in accordance with a judicial decision like journals and journalists.

  2. Protect intellectual property rights, its neighboring and related rights within the frame of satellite channels' work and those who operate with or through it and others.

  3. To assume self powers to monitor the work and performance of satellite channels and the extent of its compliance with law.

  4. Investigating complaints filed by or against channels.

  5. To include a special body for disputes settlement, and mechanism to implement awards and decisions issued thereof.

  6. Unifying the advantages (tax and custom) given to satellite channels in some Arab countries and its effectiveness in other countries.

  7. Working on finding a complementary, cooperative and harmonious relationship between channels in an atmosphere of positive competition, to be able to face the cultural invasion that targets our values and Arab identity, to be the effective means that transfer the right image of our civilization, reality and tolerant thought and believes to the outer world, and to perform its role towards realization of the hoped Arab unity.

  8. Establishment of Arab informational observatory.

  9. Establishment of Arab library for media heritage.


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