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First: Social role and liability of Satellite Channels:-

  1. Searching social responsibility of Arab satellite channels and its content and broadcast articles, and utilizing from experiments carried out on the international level in this regard.

  2. Searching aspects of criticism and objections raised on the work and performance of some satellite channels.

  3. The extent of response to opinions of users and viewers of the channel and its effect on changing its policy, broadcast articles (content) and selection of its medialists (What are the priorities of the objectives of the channel? viewers or gaining ads).

  4. Satellites' role in:-

  • Spread cultural awareness for women's rights, motherhood and childhood.

  • Spread the spirit of peaceful, co-existence and universal human brotherhood.

  • Eliminating illiteracy and spreading culture and knowledge.

  • Changing the individual's negative social behavior, urging and encouraging the positive behavior.

  • Spread the awareness of loyalty, legal and constitutional rights and deepening the concept of human rights and citizenship.

  • Preserving the environment, cleanliness, order and the state possessions of wealth and antiquities.

  • Providing social support and better living standard for citizens.

Second: Legal Nature of Satellite channels and its medialists (without audiences):-

Satellites are a part of media process or independent from it?

  1. The satellite channel is a private body (investment project - trading company) or a body with special nature separated from its ownership (private informational body).

  2. Determining the legal position of the channel and its medialists in comparison with journals and journalists, extension of immunities guaranteed to journals and journalists, from non-closure or confiscation except with judicial decision or judgment, non-imprisonment of journalists for crimes occurred during their work and non-dismissed from his work to satellite channels and their medialists.

  3. Is Legal protection guaranteed for the freedom of publication extended to the freedom of speech audio and visual?

  4. The legal relationship between the satellite channel and its medialists (its nature, responsibilities and rights, etc…)


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