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  • Presentation of proposals for rules to be followed to draft media legislations of satellites' work and performance.

  • Presentation of informational Honor Charter for Arab Satellites' performance.

  • Launch of Arab Union for the specialized Satellite Channels.

  • Activating Arab satellite's ability to improve the image of Arab in foreign communities.

  • Finding innovative formats to harmonize between the informational function of satellite channels as a message, and informational product as a commodity in an informational environment experiencing pumping huge funds to invest in media and information activities.

  • Maintaining the progress of Arab media regarding the modernization of its infrastructure and settlement of advanced technology, and spreading informational service in favour of balanced knowledge progress for All society segments.

  • Deepening understanding and dialogue among Arab satellites and respecting the subjectivity and privacy of every Arab society.

  • Exploring a vision for the form and content of Arab satellite channels in the foreseeable future.








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