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At this unprecedented stage that Egypt and Arab nations live, interaction with its events, and motivated by national responsibility, the organizational committee of the Arab satellite festival “Satellites … Rights & Obligations - towards consensus formulation for work and performance of satellite channels” declares resurrection of the festival once again, after a difficult period of obvious intransigence and enmity from the former minister of media/ Anas El Feki to the festival and its committee using all means and mobilizing all weapons to prevent holding the festival and Retaliation from all its supporters, Were it not for Allah care and saving, integrity of the situation and work, composure, strength of will and other considerations that prevented chairman of the committee from unfair and fabricated accusations would have thrown him in the darkness of an immemorial hole.

Thus, darkness has been cleared and its birds have been crushed and sun of freedom has risen on the valley and throughout the Arab land, the influential role of many satellite channels in those events has stressed its importance and strength impact, put forward once again the need to hold this festival and imposed its first round and activities to be held under the name “Satellites and Arab revolutions … The role and future view” during the period 15/3/2014.

The committee thereafter appreciates and thanks all who contributed and participated in arrangements, researches, and work materials of the festival, who were patients, persevered with its organizers, endured harms, conquered for the sake of values and principles of right, so, many thanks and full appreciation for them and promise to come out this festival to the light as they wish.

On this occasion, the organizational committee invites all experts, concerned and interested peoples in this field and all who – previously - supported this big event to complete the process until this event and its activities reaches its goals and objectives.

In this regard the committee emphasize retaining all intellectual property rights for this event its ideas and activities which have been registered in accordance to laws and regulations in force in this matter, and warn everyone from using any of them without permission or special permit from the scientific group for legal services & studies other wise he will expose himself to civil and criminal liability. 

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