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In appreciation to the great role played by many satellite channels, its significant effect on individuals and society, honoring its notable contributions and encouraging its continuity to do more in this field. It was determined to held – within Arab satellite festival activities scheduled to be held in the period  general competition for audience to choose their favorite / best (Channel – Program – Medialist) among Arab channels.

Aim to highlight the favorite / best among Arab satellites, their programs and medialists through audience choice, as representing a real, true and objective result to be as a real assessment and message for all to gratitude the favorite / best amongst them, spiritual support and as competitive spreading positive spirit among channels.     

Participation of audience in the competition will be through phone calls (landline - mobile phone) or by sending SMS.

Results will be collected in a computer database to be exposed on a committee of senior medialists in the Arab world in participation with the organizational committee of the festival to be counted in preparation to its declaration.

At the festival closing day, honoring ceremony will be held at Sofitel Hotel to announce, honor and crown the best, in the presence of all international news agencies, all Arab satellite channels, government officials, and senior figures working, related and interested in this field.

Draw will be conducted on the wining voters - amongst audiences participated in selecting the best - announce their names and invite them to attend and receive their awards.








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